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While software is needed to make any hardware useful, without the correct hardware your software may not run efficiently or even at all. Hardware includes PCs, tablet computers, laptops, servers, network equipment, scanners and printers. Therefore, as with any business investment, you should choose your computer hardware with care.
So before purchasing computer hardware, you should consider what benefits it might bring to your business. This might affect what type of hardware you choose. For example, new computer hardware could:

reduce costs by automating routine tasks
improve customer service or supplier relationships through more effective communication
improve your business efficiency
extend your business offer – eg through an online shop, support facility or download centre
Once you have listed the key hardware investments you could make, look at the cost/benefit relationship. This will help you to prioritise and see which you can afford now, and which can wait.

However, while investing in computer hardware can bring benefits to your business, you should make sure that any hardware you do choose is compatible and worth the investment.

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