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Epson : A Name You Can Trust

Electronics’ giant Epson started over 100 years ago in the field of watch making which led to the creation of the very first quartz watch. Today Epson is well known for manufacturing high quality computer printers that are quiet, easy to use, compact, energy and cost-efficient as well as reliable.

Epson ’s product line includes digital cameras, laser and dot matrix printers, color jet printers, projectors, scanners, PC cards, computers and an array of sophisticated electronic devices and components.

Undoubtedly this company is a world leader whether providing OEM merchandise directly or through other companies that repackage and sell Epson products under their own unique brand. Epson technology is recognized in the industry as a saving technology as their products save time, space, costs, resources and energy in countless business applications throughout the world.

Where Did The Name Epson Originate?
It was the offspring or ‘son’ of the EP-101 which was the world’s smallest electronic printer created in 1964. Since then Epson has grown to one of the most brilliant and innovative companies supplying award winning electronic devices. Whether you are in need of POS printers, photography or graphic art equipment or even factory automation robots; Epson will deliver the best quality electronic devices that will suit your specific requirements. You can count on Epson to always manufacture highest quality reasonably priced technology across the entire globe in the most energy sustainable way affordable which is why they are recognized as the world leader regarding their contribution to the environment. They promise to increase their profits and simultaneously give back to society.

  • Printers:  Better Productivity, Economical and Efficient, Great Speeds, High Yield Ink Bottles, One Touch Scan and Copy,  Space-saving Design, Unsurpassed Print Quality
  • projectors: the epson 3-chip 3lcd solution, iprojection app, color brightness,throw distance and no rainbow effect  .
  • Scanners: the easy to use scanner to restore, archive and share photos and more.